Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Journal of the Plague Week

Things have been a little chaotic here, which has upset my blogging schedule.  I came down some sort of nasty stomach virus late last week.  A day after I got over it, my wife came caught it.  She's recovered, so as long as my son can avoid it, everything should be getting back to normal in the next day or so.  I managed to get two posts up Saturday evening that I'd been working on, then had to play catch up with other commitments.

What I've been working on:  Doing some reading so that I can review Weird Heroes as the next book, which will be about a week later than I anticipated.  I've got a review of a small collection and another Conan post that should go up in the couple of days.  Then another anthology.  By that point, I'll have posted reviews from everything I committed myself to review.  Which means I'm going to read and blog about whatever the heck I feel like for a while.

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