Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Well, I got 2,000 words done today.  That's not counting tomorrow's exam that I wrote this afternoon.  If I can get between 1500 and 2,000 words completed every day, not counting any revisions, then I should make my goal, which is the minimum 50,000.  Since this is my first year to participate, I'll have a better feel for what is a reasonable goal next year.  I know I won't be able to match that number every day, but if I shoot for it, I'll get closer than if I don't.  I plan to write more than that on weekends and over Thanksgiving. 

So far, so good.  I won't post a word count every day, but I will from time to time.  When I get a good chapter done, I plan to post it as a sample.  I've got several different viewpoint characters on different parts of the planet when the novel opens that will have to be introduced, so I'll pick the introductory chapter I like best.  Tonight's chapter isn't quite done, so I figure at the rate I'm writing, a chapter every couple of days is what I'm most likely to get done.


  1. If you can average 1,667 per day, you will make 50,000 in 30 days. Unfortunately, I fell short yesterday, so I am already starting out behind.

  2. Yeah, I did that calculation. I decided to go with 2,000 words a day for two reasons. If I don't make 60,000 but come close, I will still probably hit the 50,000 mark. Also, it's easier to do the math in my head and see how far behind or ahead (not likely) I am.

    I figure I'll fall behind that pace no later than Friday. Tonight and tomorrow night look doable, barring unforeseen interruptions.

    Good luck with your writing today. Remember, how you finish is more important than how you start.

  3. Oh, I did FAR less than that! ;) But, my modest goal is just to write everyday for 30days and get into the habit. So, I'm not getting hung up on the wordcount this time around.

    Who knows? If the ball starts rolling I might make the count, too.

  4. My problem is, my wife did over 1,500 words yesterday. She makes me feel like a slacker. :)