Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Glenn Lord Tributes

Here are some more Glenn Lord Tributes that have gone up in the last few days:

Funeral arrangements have been posted on the REHupa site.

Barbara Barrett and John O'Neill; Glenn Lord, Nov 17, 1931 - Dec 31, 2011

Mike Chomko; Glenn Lord:  Another Giant Passes

Frank Coffman; On the Passing of Glenn Lord

Chris Gruber; Glenn Lord, Howardian Herald, 1931-2011

Dave Hardy; Glenn Lord 1931-2011

Al Harron; Glenn Lord, the Greatest Howard Fan, 1931-2011

Don Herron;  Two-Gun Bob: Into the West

Brian Leno; Edited by Glenn Lord

Damon Sasser; Glenn Lord: The Flame of Howard Fandom

Damon Sasser; In Memoriam, Glenn Lord  This one has links to several items of interest, including a interview with Glenn.

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