Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Links to Reviews of Small Press and Indie Books

It seems I'm running perpetually behind these days.  I've been intending to put links to all the reviews I've done of indie and small press books in the sidebar.  Tonight I finally got around to it.  You'll find it just above all the other links to posts on various topics.  I've included links to some essays (rants?) as well.  The links are grouped by broad category, either fantasy/adventure or science fiction.  One of the reviews I did for a different site.  I thought about creating a separate list for YA books, but for now I'm going to group them in with whichever category they best fit. 

I've got a number of indie published books in the queue to review, if I can ever get to them.  That perpetually behind thing again.  Right now I'm reading Mark Finn's revised biography of Robert E. Howard.  Or at least trying to; daily life things keep getting in the way.  I hope to have the review done by the time I go to ConDFW next weekend.  Anyway, I intend to review a great many more indie published work over the course of the year.  Some of the most exciting work seems to be published by indie writers these days, and I intend to share as much of it as I can with you.

Now, back to trying to get some reading done.

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