Monday, May 6, 2013

The Next Two Weeks

Just a quick update since things are going to be hectic for the next two weeks.  Today and tomorrow are the last two class day.  Wednesday is Dead Day (when students supposedly study), then finals start on Thursday.  I'm giving two, one Saturday evening and the other first thing Monday.  In between then, I've got to compile the lab grades for 4 courses (~1500 students).  The latter involves making sure all the TAs followed the grading rubric and nobody's averages are out of line.

What that means is I probably won't be blogging with any consistency until all of that is done.  I'll try to post every couple of days, but most things will either be opinion pieces or reviews of short fiction.

When the smoke clears, I'm going to try to read some titles from Pyr that have been piling up.  The good folks there have started sending me review copies of nearly everything they've published lately, for which I would like to thank them. 

Over the last year I've bought some titles by Nightshade authors which I've not gotten around to reading.  I'm going to move those books up in priority.  A number of good authors have gotten caught in a bad spot, and I'd like to help them if I can with some publicity.

So if it looks like I'm only reading a few publishers, that's why.  I'll read some other things for review as well just to keep the variety up.  For instance, there's that new Margaret Brundage bio that's supposed to ship later this week...

The summer should be slower than the spring has been, so I hope I'll be able to post fairly regularly over the summer.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by in April, both here and at Futures Past and Present.  Both blogs saw record traffic, and I appreciate the interest you've shown.


  1. Just went through it. Good luck. It'll be nice when it's done!

    1. Thank you. I'm definitely looking forward to things slowing down a bit.