Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Changing World of Publishing

Kris Rusch has been doing a series over at The Business Rusch about how publishing is changing.  Over the last few weeks, she's written about agents.  Here's the latest that just went up.  There are links in it to the earlier installments.

Why am I writing about this here?  Two reasons. 

First, I know some of the people who read this blog are aspiring writers.  The best thing you can be is informed.  The publishing world is changing rapidly right now, and old business models are no longer viable.  Some business people (agents, publishers, and some writers, in this case) aren't dealing well with the change.  Whether you agree with everything Kris says or not, she's got a lot of thought provoking things to say.  If you want to be published, and I hope you become published because we need more of the type of fiction Adventures Fantastic deals with, then you owe it yourself to know your business inside and out.

Second, the way we read  and buy books is going to change as publishing changes.  Knowing what's happening in the industry, at least to a general extent, is probably a good thing for the general reader because he/she will understand why certain desired titles aren't available, why some ebooks have inflated prices, and why some authors' backlists are available and others' aren't.

So check out what Rusch has to say.  She's a long time pro who has been author, editor, and publisher in this field.  She's got the credentials and she knows what she's talking about.

End of sermon.

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