Monday, June 6, 2011

Leigh Brackett

I'm still working on a post about Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp that probably won't be done before tomorrow.  In the meantime, John M. Whalen has posted an article about Leigh Brackett and her character Eric John Stark over at Home of Heroics.  If you've not read Brackett, you've missed out, although you're probably familiar with her work.  She wrote or co-wrote the screenplays to such movies as The Big Sleep (starring Humphrey Bogart), Rio Bravo (with some guy named John Wayne), and the first draft of an obscure film entitled The Empire Strikes Back.  In other words, she worked with the best.  Her collected short fiction is available from Haffner Presss and the Eric John Stark books are available from Paizo/Planet Stories as well as some other work.  Go read what John has to say and if you've not read her before, see if she's not the type of writer whose works you want on your shelf.

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