Monday, January 7, 2013

Goals Followup + Amazing Stories

This post will be both a followup on the goals post plus an update on the status of things at Amazing Stories (TM).

First, I hit my writing goal of at least1500 words a week with 1664.  I'm counting a week starting with Sunday.  I wrote 311 last night before I had to stop and think about what comes next.  Not sure how much I'll write in a few minutes.  I'm thinking of putting a little box up in the corner of the blog with the date I last wrote and word count in it.  If that information is there for all the world to see, I'll be more motivated to write.  I think I can do that without everybody who follows the blog getting a notice each time it updates. 

Of course, things might be about to slow down.  I found out over the weekend there's an unexpected vacancy in the department, and I'll be teaching an additional course this semester.  I go back tomorrow, with classes starting next week, so I'm not in my routine yet.  My son went back to gymnastics tonight and starts back with diving tomorrow night, so once I get into a routine, I may be cursing those 1500 words.

My first post went live at Amazing Stories (TM) today.  The site is still in beta and not accessible to the general public yet.  It should be live for everyone in a week or so unless something unforeseen  happens.  All the posts that have gone up since Thursday, the first day they were up, will be available when the site opens to everyone.  I'm not sure if the present posts will be reposted with everything starting over from scratch or if they will be archived and new material will continue without interruption.  I'll let you know when that decision is made.

My first post is about some of the changes in publishing and why I think small presses and indie published books are important, and the second will contain the terms I'll be using and what I mean when I say them (as opposed to what someone else means with the same words).  Then I'll start in on reviews.  The first is written and ready to go.  It will be a review of Five by Five.  The next review will be of Space Eldritch (which I'm reading now), followed by Frogs in Aspic.  After that is a little up in the air still.  I'll have my own email address at Amazing Stories (TM).  It's  Once everything's a go, I hope you'll drop by and check it out.  And not just my stuff.  There's some really cool things being posted. 


  1. I made 105 yesterday only and they weren't important words but at least they were words on the page.

    1. I've about decided that daily word goals can be just as discouraging as encouraging. What's more important is words on the paper. Or on the screen. Keep up the good work.