Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing Report, 3/20/13

I only got 378 new words tonight, and I'm pushing it to write this post.  I'm that exhausted.  The only reason I am writing this is I changed directions tonight.  I didn't scrap the two previous night's work so much as set it aside. I realized that the story I was writing was too complex to be told in the amount of time and within the word count limitation I'm dealing with.  I started another story, same characters, same series, but this one should be short and more straight forward.  I fully intend to finish the one I started two nights ago, but as it's going to have elements of mystery in it, I'll need some time to make sure all the details and clues are where they need to be in order to play fair with the reader.  The one I started on this evening is more pure sword and sorcery with a straightforward plot, emphasis on action rather than intrigue and suspense.

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