Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RIP, Maurice Sendak

I just learned that Maurice Sendak, best known as the author/illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are, has died of complications from a stroke.  That was my son's favorite book when he was four, and we read it together so often that I could quote almost the whole thing.  I'll not write a lengthy obituary because I never met the man, and anything I say will pale besides the tributes that will be written over the next few days.  I always enjoyed his work.  He will be missed, but that work will live on.  And really, isn't that what any artist in any field would want?


  1. I heard this just a few minutes ago myself. His "Where the Wild Things are" was such an important book for my son.

    1. I can still quote large chunks of it. I did so on the phone to my wife a few minutes ago (and she wasn't impressed).

  2. I read Where the Wild Things are to all 3 of my kids-but I especially read it to my oldest son, when he was the only one and I used to change it from Max to Mathias, he always got such a kick out of being included in the tale.