Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I've Been Up to at My Other Blogging Gig

I thought I'd list the posts I've done over at the Amazing Stories (TM) blog.  I'll probably do this every month or two in case something I've done there catches your eye.

I started out with "Opening Salvo" and "What I Mean When I Say", both of which were intended to set the tone and the focus.  The former states I'll be reviewing indie published and small press books, while the latter defined what I mean by terms like "indie published" and "self published".

Then I started in on reviews.  The first, "Five Military SF Novellas by Five Authors" was a review of a project Kevin J. Anderson put together, Five by Five.  I followed it up by a review of Space Eldritch, "Dead Cosmonauts and Other Eldritch Horrors."

"Frogs in Aspic, Like a Box of Chocolates" was a review of the short story collection, Frogs in Aspic by Keith P. Graham.  Graham was an author I'd not read before this book.  I looked at a sword and sorcery novel next, Morticai's Luck, in "Swashbuckling with Morticai".

The two most recent posts both concerned Joshua P. Simon, whose work I've reviewed on this site, here and here.  "Three Military Fantasy Shorts" examined three shorter works that fill in some of the backstory in Simon's Blood and Tears Trilogy.  Then, I followed the review up this week with "An Interview with Indie Author Joshua P. Simon", which is just what it says it is.  I ask Mr. Simon a number of questions involving his work, how he got started writing, and what it's like to be an indie author.

I'm tending to focus more on science fiction, since Amazing Stories started out as a science fiction magazine, but as you can see, I've included a number of fantasies. 

Check out what's going on at Amazing Stories.  There's a lot of great content being put up every day, and I'm not saying that because my name is on some of it.  I've gotten behind, so when spring break rolls around in a couple of weeks, I'm going to be playing catch-up.

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