Saturday, May 28, 2011

Status Report and Thank You's

Good afternoon (or whatever time it is when and where you're reading this).

For those of you either living in the States or US citizens living abroad, allow me to wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day.  If you are in the armed forces, allow me to offer my thanks and gratitude.  Your service and sacrifice is appreciated.

Hopefully your weekend will be restful and enjoyable and will include reflection on what and why we're celebrating.  Here on the South Plains, it's hot.  The record temperature for this day is 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and the thermometer in the car at 1:00 p.m. read 103.

Anyway, I haven't posted for a few days.  Not because I'm slacking off.  I've been reading an anthology that will premier in two weeks in order to have a review ready to go up the weekend the book launches along with an interview with the editor.  That will be the same weekend as Howard Days in Cross Plains, which I'm also trying to prepare for.  I've been trying to make progress in a novel I'll be reviewing.  My son completed the Third Grade this week (Yay!), so I've been celebrating that accomplish with him as well as just spending a little time with him before our regular summer schedule starts next week. Finally, I've got some projects in development, some of which involve Adventures Fantastic.  It might be another day or two before any new content goes live.  I've posted a list of links to some of my favorite posts at the bottom of the page in case you missed some of them.

May has been the best month I've had since I started the blog.  I've had a record amount of traffic and have picked up some new followers.  I want to thank everyone who has taken time to visit, share comments, post links, or otherwise been supportive. Stay with me.  I'm just getting started.

Here are some selected posts:

I've been blogging about Kull, one story at a time.  Here's the first post.

In my opinion, Henry Kuttner, while acknowledged for his science fiction, did help keep sword and sorcery alive after Robert E. Howard's death.  Here's my look at the four stories in his Elak of Atlantis series.

My analysis of  Robert E. Howard's "Skull-Face" was one of my earliest posts, and one of the most popular.

Besides fantasy, this blog also looks at historical adventure.  Here's a look at the first in a series I intend to return to later in the summer.

Finally, some of my opinions.

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