Monday, August 20, 2012

Back in the Land of the Cyber-Living

Well, sort of.  I'm at the office this morning, trying to get caught up on some reference letters I need to write for students and make preparations for the TA meeting later in the week. 

Anyway, everything except the books shelves and books have been moved which will happen piecemeal throughout the week.  (There's also a 29 gallon aquarium; it will go when we've decided on the final placement of some items.) 

I don't have the computer set up yet.  There are a couple of electric outlets foiling my sinister plans for office arrangement.  I'm having to rethink where some things like filing cabinets and shelves are going to go.  Once I get that worked out, I'll be back online at home.  With that in mind, I finally finished the science fiction novel I've been reading trying to read for at least two weeks.  I hope to get the review up at Futures Past and Present in a day or so.  I'm not sure what I'll read and review next.  I'm too tired to think about it at the moment.  Hopefully by the end of the week things will be back to as c lose to normal as they usually get for me.


  1. 's all good.

    At some point I would like to put an addition on our house. I think my son could use a bigger room when he is older. Maybe then I can sneak in a library/reading room, too.

    1. I think a library/reading room should be required in all houses. I'm looking forward to getting mine set up, but it's taking longer than I thought. And of course the TV is just around the corner, so it's not as quiet as it should be.