Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RIP, Harry Harrison

I've just learned that Harry Harrison passed away.  Here is the announcement on his website and here is an i09 news release.  Harrison was named a Grand Master by SFWA.  He was a versatile writer, equally adept at humor or serious works.  His retrospective 50 in 50 was one of the books I took with me to Kazakhstan when we adopted our son.  While I didn't always agree with him philosophically, he always provided a great read.  I never had the pleasure of meeting him; he'd moved to England a number of years ago, and I can't recall him ever attending a convention within traveling distance.  With everything going on with closing on the house today and moving, getting one of his books out of a box isn't going to happen.  I'll have to download something by him on my ereader and try to read it later this evening.  Rest in Peace, Harry.

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  1. Yeah, sorry to hear this. I liked a lot of his stuff. Good adventure.