Friday, June 22, 2012

Life Continues to Happen

Things have been slow at my wife's place of employment for a while, so slow that yesterday she was one of about half a dozen let go.  Needless to say, it was not a fun evening at my house.  While the boss stressed it was for financial reasons rather than job performance and would call them back if things turned around and they hadn't found other employment, it's still a bit of a nuisance.  Armadillocon was pretty much out of the picture already, but it's definitely not going to happen now. 

My wife has already started job hunting, and while I'm generally optimistic, nothing is guaranteed at this point.  I bring all this up so you'll know that if I seem to disappear for a while, it's only temporary.  I'm going to help with the job hunt however I can.  That could cut into my reading, reviewing, and blogging time.  Just so you know.


  1. Very sad to hear that. I've been exactly in those shoes myself. It's difficult. But, if I'm any indicator, and supportive spouse makes a HUGE difference. Good on you! And good fortune to her!

  2. That sucks. I hope the job hunt is quickly fruitful.

    It is the age we live in that you can do a perfect job and still get let go. It is strange, really. My parents' generation worked the same places for 30 years and as long as you didn't screw up royally, generally you'd be just fine and get a pension.

    No more.

  3. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the support. This was simply a case of a downturn in the business where she worked, and there wasn't enough work for everyone to do nor money to pay them. It wasn't completely unexpected.

    Having been there a few years ago myself, I understand the stress and self-doubt that can come with being in such a spot. We know that at least one of her references has been contacted today, so things are looking hopeful. I'll let you when we get some good news.

  4. Sorry to hear that, man. Hope something good comes up quickly. It's certainly a bit of a scary thing.

    1. Thank you. She's pursuing some leads, so it's not a completely bleak outlook. But you're right; it is unnerving.